Area 51 Track Day - September 20th

Area 51 Track Day - September 20th

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Apex Assassins is back at AREA 51 for our Alien GP Track Day! We will be running the Groom Lake Course at Runways 14/32, counter-clockwise. We are hoping for great weather and a fantastic show, with vendors lined up from Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, demonstrating the next generation in motorcycle propulsion technologies. Don't miss the test rides on these top secret machines!

This track day is free for anyone who wants to show up. Register Now! NOTE: Track day contingent on the rest of y'all keeping the guards distracted. Area 51 track marshals black flag anything that doesn't hover. 

Stay Tuned for some exciting announcements about this super special Track Day!


***Credit for the image goes to _______ (let us know if you know the original poster)***


*This is not a real event, please do not show up to Area 51, we make no claims to your safety or security should you choose to disregard this warning*