Can One Day At The Track Really Make You A Better Rider!?

 Riding on the streets or in the canyon is fun! But lets be real.. It has it’s limits.

Most riders struggle with being confident and competent when picking up the pace or knowing how far they can lean over. It’s not because they’re incapable of knowing.. It’s because the environment they practice in is inadequate. Which makes it nearly impossible to discover the limit.

So we ride on what we think is the limit and it's exciting. Unaware that riding on the actual limit is exhilarating!

No matter what level of riding experience you have, the results are epic when you’re at the track!


Here are a few reasons why..

  • The track is full of instructors and humbled racers willing to give advice. So you can be confident you’re focusing on proper riding habits! 
  • With no hazards to worry about, the only thing you’re really focused on is riding! And that goes a long way in developing good riding habits, fast. 
  • The paddock is full of resources and friendly faces.
  • You have an entire day to ride!
  • There are no speed limits!


Speaking of speed limits..

One day at the track is much cheaper than a speeding ticket! You won’t have to worry about points on your driving record, Taking off work to go to court or stressing about insurance rates going up. 🙄

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Then here’s something you should know.

It’s Safe! 

It’s Fast!

It’s Fun!

We collaborate with industry professionals who also see the value in track riding. Companies like Legal Ride, CycleGear, RideNow, MotorsportExotica, Ducati, 619KneeDraggrz, Dunlop, MotoD and Legendary Motorsports just to name a few. Who all believe in providing safe, affordable access to tracks, gear and services. Making it easier for you to become a better rider, sooner. Expect to find exclusive deals and services just for showing up to any of our events.

On top of that! If you’re nervous about riding at the track, we have a introductory program called ‘Taste Of The Track’. Where we give you a full track orientation which includes classroom instruction and riding time on the track for just $49.99!

That’s right! For just $49 bucks, you or a friend get a Taste of The Track. Designed for all levels of riding experience. And perfect for anyone who has never experienced riding on a race track. Riders in street gear (helmet, jacket gloves and boots), will be guided through a track day and receive riding time on the track with our staff. This is the perfect way to discover if track riding is right for you.  

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If you’re just a track day junkie and you’ve seen it all! Join our Apex Assassins Shootout! That’s right! Have some fun battling it out with our staff! Email us for the list of Shootout dates or for more info.


There really is no safer place to ride (other then your dreams). Become one with your bike and feel the rush! Take control of the Power and Freedom that comes from within. You can become a better rider and reach your full riding potential by riding at the track! 

What Are You Waiting For… 

An Exhilarating Ride Is Just One Track Day Away!


If you’re still reading this I don’t even know why you own a motorcycle.