Track Day Itinerary

Each day will be organized into 3 groups of riders based on individual experience.

  • "A" Group - Advanced group for highly experienced riders. Quick pace, passing allowed at any time.
  • "B" Group - Intermediate group for those with previous motorcycle track experience. Moderate pace, passing allowed with a 5' safety zone.
  • "C" Group - Beginner group for first time track riders and those with less experience. Passing only allowed on straight aways with a 5' safety zone.

Each group will run in 20 minute sessions throughout the day. C group riders will have an instructional overview in their first session.

Typical Schedule:

7:00am - Check-In and Tech Inspection Open

8:20am -  Tech Inspection Closes

8:30am - Mandatory Rider's Meeting

9:00am - Group A First Session / Group C Classroom Introduction

9:20am - Group B First Session

9:40am - Group C First Session (Lead-Follow)

Groups run every 20 minutes throughout the day.

6:00pm - Track goes cold for the day


*Track Schedule will slightly vary according to locations, events and day light savings. Pre-registered riders will receive a schedule outline prior to each event.


If you want to ride, please be sure to show up on time, complete tech inspection, and attend the mandatory rider's meeting. We cannot allow riders on the track who do not meet these prerequisites. 

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions! (833)464-2739 -or-