Rider's School House

We believe in bringing the passion, fun, and safety of the track to all types of riders. As part of our effort to grow the sport, we created the Rider's School House. For significantly less than the cost of a full track day, and without the commitment of dedicated track gear, we offer an introductory experience that will give you the confidence you need to be safe and have fun on the track.

You will get a first hand look at the registration and tech inspection process,  attend a rider's meeting to cover some safety information, and attend a dedicated instructional session with our coaches and experts. Then at lunch, you will experience a session of real track riding on your own motorcycle, with supervision from our staff riders.

Typical Schedule

6:00am - Gates Open

7:00am - Registration / Tech Inspection Open

8:30am - Rider's Meeting Preview

9:00am - Track Riding Clinic

11:00am - Break

12:00pm - Track Time!**

12:30pm - Apex Assassins Shootout - Watch the fast guys battle for 6 laps!

**You must participate in the Riding Clinic to be allowed on track, so be sure to show up on time in the morning!


Gear Requirements

At a minimum you will need thick denim pants or motorcycle riding pants, a riding jacket with full length sleeves, motorcycle gloves, and boots that provide full ankle support. And a helmet of course. If you have dedicated track gear, we recommend wearing it. The more protection the better!

Motorcycle Requirements

Once you arrive at the track, find the Rider's Schoolhouse parking area near the registration tent. You will need to tape up your lights, blinkers, mirrors, and license plates. Our staff will guide you through a tech inspection to make sure your motorcycle is safe to ride on the track. Make sure your throttle returns cleanly to idle and your brake lever does not touch the grip when fully squeezed. Street tires will work fine as long as they have at least 50% tread life remaining.


Please shoot us an email if you have any questions!