Preparing For Your Track Day

Track Gear

HelmetDOT approved full face helmet. Your helmet should be less than 5 years old and undamaged. We cannot allow helmets that show signs of a crash or damage outside of normal wear and tear.

Gloves – Gauntlet style leather gloves that provide full wrist protection and fit over your track suit.

SuitA 1-piece motorcycle track suit. Separate leather jacket and pants will be allowed if they zip together.

BootsBoots must provide full ankle support and fit over your pants (unless designed to fit under).

For Your Machine

Getting your bike prepared is a simple but critical step to a successful day at the track. Our staff will inspect your motorcycle upon arrival to ensure everyone’s safety.

TiresTires should be inflated to the correct pressure and have at least 2/3 of their tread life. Street tires are allowed with good tread life. However, we recommend new/er tires. Always check your tires the morning of an event. Our on site tire vendors are there to provide new rubber, tire service and specific tire pressures. If you have any questions at all concerning tires, ask our on site tire vendor. 

-Secure wheel weights by taping them over with duct tape.

LightsHeadlights, brake lights, turn signals and reflectors must be taped over. Not only because they can be distracting, but also to prevent sharp fragments from dispersing in the event of an accident. 

MirrorsRemove or tape over your mirrors.

License Plate - Remove or tape over your license plate.

Cameras - Make sure to secure cameras to a hard point on the motorcycle with safety wire. Helmet mounted cameras are not allowed.

Check for leaksWipe down your bike and check for any leaks or stray fluids. Check oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels.

Tighten it upCheck for any loose parts and tighten any pieces needed. Make sure your oil plug is on tight. We recommend safety wire to secure it.

Critical Systems – Brakes and Throttle. Your front brake pads should have plenty of wear left. Your brake lever must not make contact with the grip when fully depressed. Your throttle must cleanly return to idle from any position on its own, no sticking allowed. These two items are especially important.

Chain -  Your chain should be clean and lubricated. You should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the top of your swing arm and chain near the swing arm pivot.

If everything checks out during tech. inspection, you will receive a sticker of approval that will allow you on the track.  

GasAlthough fuel is usually available for purchase at the track, it never hurts to have extra on hand. Keep in mind that a bike on the track consumes fuel quicker than you would think. Check your tank before each session.

MaintenanceBringing just a few simple tools to the track can be very helpful. We recommend 8 and 10mm sockets and a set of allen/hex wrenches. Think of anything you might need to make small adjustments in the field. Don't forget thread locker!

If you find yourself in a pinch, feel free to ask any Apex Assassins Staff Member for assistance.  

For You

HydrateBring water and electrolyte drinks. Motorcycle riding can take a lot out of you so it’s important to stay well hydrated.

FoodAlthough the track may have some food for sale, it’s nice to bring some sustaining snacks to eat throughout the day. There is no official lunch break so be sure to stay replenished between sessions.

DowntimeBring a chair and some type of shade to stay out of the sun when you’re off the track. It can be windy at times. So, if you have a canopy, be sure to secure it down.