** Waiver and Pre-Event Info **

Typical Event Schedule

What to expect when you get to the Track

Gate – Make sure to check the pre-event email for track specific opening times. Bring some cash to pay the gate fee, usually $10 a person. The track may require you sign a separate waiver.

Registration - After you get in the gates and unload, head over to registration under the Apex Assassins tent. Please bring your ID and make sure to sign your waiver online before coming to registration to avoid unnecessary delays.

Tech Inspection - After you check in at registration, bring your motorcycle to the designated tech inspection area near the Apex Assassins tent. A staff member will inspect your bike and apply your registration sticker if you are ready to ride. All motorcycles must be approved by an Apex Assassins staff member to be allowed on track. 

Mandatory Rider's Meeting - You must attend the rider's meeting if you want to be allowed on the track. The meeting starts 30 minutes before the track goes hot and attendance is verified. No refunds or credits are offered for not being able to ride due to missing the rider's meeting. Don't be late!

Track Time - Track goes hot at 8am or 9am, depending on available daylight. Group rotation starts with A group or Racer 1. Sessions are 20 minutes long. During the day we stay on schedule, so be sure to keep an eye on the time for your session.

Lunch - Check the pre-event email to see if there is a lunch break during your event. During this time you can watch the Apex Assassins Shootout, and catch some new riders at the Rider's School House.

End of the Day - When the sun goes down or the track time is up, it is time to go check out the photos from the day and enjoy a nice hydrating beverage. Make sure to tag us in your photos with #apexassassins for a chance at a free track day (and for your photo to be on the back of the Apex Assassins Team Trailer!)


Example Schedule

*Check the Pre-Event Email for event-specific schedules*

6:00am - Gates open

6:30am - Registration/Tech Inspection Open

7:30am - Registration/Tech Inspection Closes

7:30am Mandatory Rider's Meeting

8:00am - Track is HOT! First Session - A Group

8:20am - First Session - B Group *Sighting Laps*

8:40am - First Session - C Group *Sighting Laps*

10:00am - Second Session - A Group

... Rotations continue throughout the day

12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch Break (Check the pre-event email)

4-5:00pm - Track is cold (End times depend on available daylight)

*Track Schedule will slightly vary according to locations, events and day light savings. Pre-registered riders will receive a schedule outline prior to each event.


If you want to ride, please be sure to show up on time, complete tech inspection, and attend the mandatory rider's meeting. We cannot allow riders on the track who do not meet these prerequisites. 

Please shoot us an email if you have any questions!